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WaterMe allows you to program up to ten recurring watering schedules and will automatically manage your watering based on local weather events

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WaterMe Wireless Irrigation Controller gives you complete control over your garden from anywhere in the world, using a simple and intuitive interface accessible from your mobile phone or computer


Included  1" Flow Sensor

Take water management to the next level with an included Nymet 1" Flow Sensor. Manage your water usage, record statistical information on water flow, detect leaks and much more!


Control and Monitor

Control and monitor your home irrigation system remotely with the convenience of your mobile phone or internet browser. WaterMe Wireless Irrigation Controller allows you to add and manage watering schedules, view statistical flow data in real-time, shutdown your irrigation system remotely in the event of a leak or burst pipe and intelligently manage your watering schedules based on local weather events.



10 Programmable Zones and Schedules

WaterMe Wireless Irrigation Controller gives you complete control and flexibility over water management within your garden offering 10 programmable zones and schedules. A simple and intuitive mobile app lets you manage all your watering requirements from the palm of your hand, anytime, anywhere.

Responsive to weather events

WaterMe Wireless Irrigation Controller connects to local weather stations and will intelligently alter watering schedules based on local weather forecast. WaterMe will intelligently water less during rainfall and more during hot weather conditions based on user set preferences saving water in winter and your garden in summer.

Weather Responsive

WaterMe is available now for $250.00!

Please contact the team at Nymet Australia if you have any questions about our exciting and innovative wireless irrigation controller. 

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