Technical Specifications

WaterMe Technical Specificaitons

Our engineers have gone to great lengths to develop a product where form meets function


Package Includes

WaterMe Wireless Irrigation Controller
1.5A Power Supply
Ethernet Cable
1" Flow Sensor
Stainless Steel Wall Mounting Screws
Installation CD

System Requirements

Active Internet Connection via Ethernet Port or Wifi Enabled Modem

Input Capabilities 

1 x Master Valve
10x Solenoid Valves
3 x Flow Sensor (1 Included)
Rain Sensor
Moisture Sensor

Wireless Irrigation Controller Specifications

10 Programmable Zones
24VAC/DC Valves
DC Latching Valves Compatible 6-12v DC
10 Independent Schedules
Integrated Wi-Fi (802.11b/g compatible) 
Permanent Program Memory
Photo Capture to Identify Zones
Alarm Notifications
Automatic Clock Set
Programmable Master Valve Delay Time
Programmable Mist Cycle
Weather Resistant Material
Intuitive Weather Monitoring Capabilities to adjust your weather schedule according to actual weather conditions
Flow Sensor records actual flow rate, average flow rate, actual water usage and alerts if there are any leaks in the system.

Physical Specifications

Overall Weight - 540g (approx)
Dimensions - 225 x 179 x 46mm


2 Year Warranty

WaterMe is Designed and Assembled in Australia