WaterMe app is now available for Android Devices

WaterMe app is now available for Android Devices

We are pleased to announce that the WaterMe app is now available for Android devices. The app can be downloaded directly from your Android Device (version 2.3+) or via the the Google Play Store.

Monitor and control your irrigation system from anywhere in the world with the WaterMe app.
The WaterMe app allows you to manage and control up to 10 programmable zones and schedules, view statistical flow data in real time, shutdown your irrigation system remotely in the event of a leak and much more.
WaterMe takes water management to the next level with an included Nymet 1″ Flow Sensor to manage your water usage, record flow rate data and detect leaks. WaterMe is adaptable to actual weather conditions and will automatically adjust watering schedules based on local weather events, saving you money in winter and your plants in summer.*Please note that use of the mobile app or web browser remotely requires access to the internet.

Update: The team at Nymet are continuing development for the tablet responsive versions of the WaterMe app.

WaterMe on Google Play

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